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How Can i Buy Directly from Manufacturer?

  • Buyfacturer is India’s largest portal only for Manufacturers and Suppliers. Here we help manufacturers to sell across world removing hurdles in between with a single point of contact. In other words, manufacturers are helpless - even if he/she manufactures an excellent product at highly competitive price - selling it across World remains a distant dream without satisfying intermediaries.

  • As technology pushes our customers outside of their comfort zones, we are there to point them in the right direction. To partner with them throughout the process. And to provide the complete information, Products  and solutions they need to thrive in the digital economy.

  • Buyfacturer lives, breathes and serves the B2B world. From the small manufacturer to the biggest brands, we exist to connect the right buyers with the right suppliers, and to equip everyone involved with the knowledge and information they need to thrive in their constantly evolving marketplace.
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